What is the Softridge WhatsApp Info Channel?
You can subscribe to the information channel, where you will always receive the latest information about SOFTRIDGE and our range. With the info channel, we don't need any master data, it's a pure "info channel" where you remain completely anonymous.

What are the different community chats?
In the moderated community chats, you can exchange ideas with others and with us about your favorite topics around trading cards and gaming. (Important: Your number is visible to everyone in the group)

How do I get into a chat?
You can make a request to join each chat, for this we need your master data. After that, we will confirm your request, of course you can leave our chats at any time.

Why do I have to enter my master data?
The master data will be used to create a customer account for you. With a customer account, you can reserve products or participate in events with us. You can write them to us via private message.

What do you do with the master data?
The master data will be treated confidentially by us. Requests from registered customers can be processed much faster. The purchases made are stored in your customer account and can be accessed at any time.

Will I receive advertising?
Only if you have subscribed to our info channel, where you can always see about our events and news.

Good to know!
You can also write to Softridge directly to make suggestions about our range, ask general questions or reserve products.