What do the PEGI and USK marks on the games mean?
The marks PEGI and USK provide information about the recommended age rating for computer, console and online games. They indicate whether a game is harmless in terms of youth protection.

What do the PEGI and USK marks look like?

Why do some games each have a version with a PEGI and/or a USK mark, are these versions different from each other?
No, the content is the same, even if a game has a PEGI mark and another version of the same game has a USK mark, the PEGI and USK ratings may differ as they both have different sets of criteria .

You can find more information on the websites.
• USK (Unterhaltungs Software Kontrolle): https://usk.de/en/
• PEGI (Pan European Game Information): https://pegi.info/