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Skater XL

of Easy Day Studios | Sport | No. 128512

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Released on: 28.07.2020


Immerse yourself in the skateboarding world with Skater XL, where style, creativity and the perfect trick are defined by you.

Create, combine and style your tricks with an incomparable board control while you visit famous locations in California where legends have made their mark.

Play as skate icon Tiago Lemos, Evan Smith, Tom Asta or Brandon Westgate on your way to Skateboarding Pro. Immerse your way into the digital skater culture, with recommended community created mods, 'zines and maps. With over 60 real skate spots connected block by block with schools, pools, buildings, car parks and corridors.


• Your very own style - Skater XL is unique in that it has no pre-programmed tricks. Each foot is controlled by one of the two analog sticks on your controller. With each movement of you, the board reacts immediately. Like a musical instrument, the player has complete freedom, whether it's packing a line or skating freeform.
• Play real pro skaters - The game provides you with the famous professional skaters TIAGO LEMOS, BRANDON WESTGATE, EVAN SMITH and TOM ASTA. Each professional brings his own style and equipment.
• Play on real skate spots - You can shred in Skater XL in legendary skate spots, home to the most famous skaters and tricks in the world. The game includes three large maps based on California and the West Coast.
• Create your skaters and boards - The possibilities are endless for players who want to personalize their Skater XL experience. Players can customize their entire look, from the skater's physical attributes to gear and boards, everything can be customized with decks, trucks, wheels and grip tape.
• Come, play in the sandbox - Each area is free to explore. With the freedom of an open world, players can challenge themselves to perfect the nuances of sophisticated free form skating.
• Growing Community - Immerse in a passionate community with over 50,000 members in Discord who have already created hundreds of mods, 'zines, videos and fake skate brands. Become part of a larger ecosystem and join the digital skater culture where you can share your creativity.