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YGO: Speed Duel Box Set -E-

von Konami | Box | Nr. 128840

Ab 7 Jahren Ab 7
Zustellung ca.: 01.03.2021
Erschienen am: 26.11.2020
Versand ab Lager lieferbar >3 Stück
Stadelhofen ab Lager lieferbar 3 Stück
Zürich HB ab Lager lieferbar 2 Stück
CHF 34.90


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Speed Duel Box Set is a 244 card set consisting of 51 reprints and 193 brand new cards. An absolute must for any passionate and nostalgic Duelists and fan of the series!

Battle City!
The box is equipped with a large amount of Speed Duel cards. This allows you to build up to 8 Speed Duel Deck and play against your friends right away. Matching this, the set includes matching game mats to protect your cards directly from other surfaces. The cards from this set can be easily combined with others from previous Speed Duel sets!

The gods descend!
The set introduces the three Egyptian God Cards into the world of Speed Duel for the first time. With Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon and the Winged Dragon of Dragon, you'll increase your strength in the deck to the immeasurable!
In addition to the god cards, other highlights are waiting for you in this box! Jinzo, Dark Paladin and XYZ Dragon Cannon will be featured in the set. This also gives you the opportunity to further expand and improve your existing Speed Duel Decks.

Skill Cards
With a number of 20 skill cards, you can play the strength of your decks perfectly. Of these 20 skill cards in the set, 16 brand new skill cards will be introduced. Kaiba and Yami Yugi will be joined by other characters from the Battle City season. Known and strong enemies of our heroes, such as Espa Roba, Odion Ishtar, Arkana and many more characters, are introduced through skill cards and their decks.

This Speed Duel set contains only Speed Duel cards that cannot be used in tournaments. The cards are watermarked

The Speed Duel Box set includes 200 Commons, 20 Skill Cards and 8 of 24 possible Secret Rare cards. Look forward to many brand new and powerful cards for your Battle City experience!

The Speed Duel Box Set (german) includes:

- 200 Commons
- 20 Skill Cards
- 8 of 24 possible Secret Rare cards
- 4 2-Player Deluxe Play Mat

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