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PKM: Celebrations - V Collection -E- Lance's Charizard/Dark Sylveon (Max. 1 Stück)

von Nintendo | Booster | Nr. 129520

Ab 7 Jahren Ab 7
Zustellung ca.: Morgen
Erschienen am: 08.10.2021
Versand ab Lager lieferbar 1 Stück
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Important: Due to the expected high demand and the low product availability on launch day, there may be supply bottlenecks. Only 1 piece per customer & orders, multiple orders are reduced to 1 piece.

The Celebrations expansion offers a lot to look forward to, including the ability to reminisce with classic Pokémon TCG cards. Add a cheerful parade of Legendary, Mysterious, and other popular Pokémon to your collection, including Mew, Ho-Oh, Zamazenta, Flying Pikachu, and Surfing Pikachu.

Each Celebrations booster pack contains four uniquely designed cards – all holographic and with the 25th anniversary logo – with characters from all regions of the Pokémon universe, from Pikachu to Zamazenta, plus familiar faces like Professor Oak.

• No selection possible, it will be delivered subject to availability. Price for 1 V collection!


• A holographic promo card and an oversized holographic map with Siegfried's Charizard-V or Dark Sylveon-V
• Four Celebrations Booster Packs, each with four cards, and two additional Pokémon TCS booster packs.

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