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Dragon Quest 6: Realms of Reverie


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Dragon Quest 6: Realms of Revelation is a single player turn-based Role-Playing Game (RPG) for play on Nintendo DS and DSi.

The final release in a trilogy of Dragon Quest games originally developed for console play and later remade for the Nintendo DS, Dragon Quest 6: Realms of Revelation allows players to assemble their own party of comrades, assume different character classes and develop their abilities in combat, abilities with magic and with items found throughout the game's different explorable worlds. Additional features include: improved graphics, mini-game play options and more.


Code Free-Version - runnable on european consoles
Experience the final chapter of the Zenithian Saga on your DS - the long awaited sequel to Dragon Quest IV and V
• Choose from nine different starting classes and unlock many others in the return of Alltrades Abbey
• As you upgrade your classes each character will gain exciting new spells and abilities
• Defeat the monsters that stand against you and you may even gain the reward of their allegiance
• Choose your favorite type of slime to take with you, or even bring a Hacksaurus
• From the Slime, to the Mud Mannequin, to the Canni-box, many classic foes are back to try and stop you from reaching the Dread Fiend
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