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Beyond Flesh and Blood

von Sold Out Marketing | Action

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Beyond Flesh and Blood is a 3rd Person Mech Action-Story LED Shooter with Horror and Gore Overtones.

Set in the future after a terrible and vicious Global War, Earth is in ruins. The majority of the population now live on the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere, in an anchored orbital station called The Tree of Life.

A meteorite hits Earth devastating all in proximity. Shortly after, reports of “alien” activity suspected to be linked to the impact begin to surface. An expedition is sent to study the impact site, but communications are lost. The whereabouts and wellbeing of the team are unknown.

There are initially no hostilities between the U.G.R. (United Global Remnant: the peacekeeping force), and the “alien” Hive, leading to the perception of the new species as a passive and mindless race. The U.G.R. sanctions an expedition consisting of a small science team to study and try to make first contact with the aliens. It is decided that a team ‘Olive Branch’ will be sent as a physical human presence, with manned robotic suits have been settled upon for the mission.
Three weeks later, all contact with first contact team Olive Branch is lost. The U.G.R. begin planning a rescue and recon mission, and the force put the Iron Fist program into development.

Ethan, an mechanical engineer, is sent back to a broken Earth to assist the UGR. Away from the Tree of Life, Earth’s 23rd century horrors begin to unfurl and he is forced to fight in order to control and restore comms in Manchester, UK – a key evacuation point during the 20-year Global War. As he gathers fresh information about the planet, Ethan is soon outnumbered by salient threats and his first real task is to survive; the original mission spiralling quickly out of control.
Not just a hacker. Not just an engineer.

Beyond Flesh and Blood is a mech-in-mech 3PS – and Ethan’s Mancunian baptism of fire.